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White Castle Roofing began in 1985 when Mike Hansen and Steve Biegert began a partnership together. Their shared commitment to hard work, honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction were hallmarks of how they lived and did business. As a result of this most of our customers come from referrals from previous satisfied customers. As business increased so did the number of employees. What has remained a constant, though, is that each and every person working for White Castle Roofing shares the same values of hard work, honesty, excellence and customer satisfaction as Mike and Steve. Since graduating from college, Mike’s three sons, Luke, Dane and Jacob, are all now working with White Castle Roofing full-time. They learned the trade from Mike and Steve, and continue to make White Castle the best roofing company in the business.


White Castle Roofing prides itself on doing things the right way, not the convenient way. We value relationships, especially with our customers, and know that we can only maintain those by providing service done well. We want to be the company you can feel comfortable turning to when you need help on repairing or replacing not just a roof, but your HOME.

As such, we promise to treat customers as neighbors and friends, not just a buck to be made. If your roof doesn’t need work, we’ll tell you that! If it only needs a repair and not a full replacement, we’ll tell you that too. And when we do a replacement, you can trust that we’re doing what needs to be done and not looking to sell more than you need. We want our character to be evident in every dealing you have with our team, and the reason you can come back to us down the road when you’re in need of another service.

White Castle Roofing is a family. We look out for our coworkers, and work together to achieve our goals as a company, with the understanding that each person is important. And just like a body functions best with each part doing its job well, when each employee at White Castle Roofing takes pride in their work and performs their duties to the best of their abilities, our company thrives. We pull together, and our team is united around the goal of doing the right thing and taking pride in what we do, on the roof and off of it.

Meet Our White Castle Crew

We are who we are because of our great staff! Most of our employees have been with us for a long time, and some even longer than that. We have decades of experience behind us, with countless certifications and great craftsmen who do outstanding work.

Join the family by taking a look at our available positions and applying today!

Mike Hansen
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dane Hansen
Jacob Hansen
Andy Hadberg
VP of Sales
Dustin Williams
VP of Commercial Projects
Francisco Gutierrez
VP of Residential Roofing
Zach Clarke
VP of Logistics
Katie Klug
General Counsel
Adam Williams
VP of Special Projects
James Ferguson
VP of Strategic Sales & Marketing
Alex Rourke
Safety Coordinator


We've been blessed, and we want to give back.

We’re always looking for ways to help local families in need. We love to do that through our Free Roof Rescue and Grand Giveaway programs, and love to be involved with Habitat for Humanity projects as well. To learn more, head over to our Community Initiatives page.



If you'd like to read some of the things our past customers have to say about us, just head over to our testimonials page to check it out. We've got several hundred positive customer references. 

We also know how valuable it can be to share your experience with others, so if you'd like to leave a Google Review, you can do that here too!

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